1. Represent parents and defend their common interests:
The association is the official representative of the parents of students attending JMC Elementary and Secondary School, with the school administration. It defends their common moral and material interests. Through open and constructive communication, it promotes the relationship of trust between management and parents.

2. Engage in and enrich the environment of the school:
The association contributes to the improvement of school environment and its enrichment. It makes recommendations to management on any topic deemed relevant and intended to improve students’ learning and day to day life at school. The association organizes extracurricular activities as well as cultural activities and encourages parents to participate voluntarily in activities assigned to students.

3. Participate in the financing of various educational and cultural projects:
The association often participates, and within the limits of its budgets, in the financing of various pedagogical and cultural projects initiated by the committee, the parents, or the direction of the school.

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