Mission :

The association represents the students’ parents with the administration. The mission of the committee is to work to improve the learning environment, in its various aspects, by:

  • Making recommendations to the JMC school administration on any subject deemed relevant and part of its responsibilities while being intended to improve the learning as well as the day to day life of the students
  • Establishing and maintaining the communication between the active components of the school: parents, administration and teachers
  • Promoting synergy between these three components
  • Encouraging parents to participate voluntarily in activities for students
  • Promoting the parents' point of view in all that concerns the education and the general development of their children, and, more generally, of all the students of the school
  • Bringing parents to a greater awareness of their responsibility and involvement in the success and development of their children within the school

Contact Us

Address :
École JMC 805 rue Dorais Saint-Laurent, QC H4M 2A2 Phone: (514) 956-9559