About JMC School

The JMC School is a Francophone private community school. It was founded in 2000.
Currently, the school offers its services to more than 400 students. The primary goals of JMC School are to provide better education to students from different backgrounds and to help them achieve their goals and integrate successfully into the society in which they live. The school offers registration for pre-school, primary and secondary (1 to 5 leading to high school diploma issued by the MELS)

The establishment offers the official programs of the MELS. The language of instruction is french. English and arabic are the second and third languages. Other subjects taught are: mathematics, ethics and religious culture, computer science, contemporary world, science and technology, arts, geography, history and sports.

The teachers at our school hold a teaching license valid in Quebec. They come from diverse cultural backgrounds and this diversity allows us to offer our students the best education.

Students participate in educational and recreational activities such as:

  • Outings (apple picking, museums, farms, amusement centers)
  • Classroom activities as part of the school reform (visit to the public library, science center, presentations offered by government and private agencies, cultural day, science exhibition, etc.)
  • Participation in school and government events (P.G.L., Spelling Bee, CanSpell, Mathematica, etc.)
  • Basketball and soccer clubs
  • Sports activities during the school year for each cycle, basketball and soccer competitions
  • Activities related to special occasions: Eid celebration, Ramadan dinner, etc.

Contact Us

Address :
École JMC 805 rue Dorais Saint-Laurent, QC H4M 2A2
Phone: (514) 956-9559