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End of the inscriptions for the activity Chess




Dear parents,                                                                                                                                                                                       السلام عليكم


We thank all parents who have enrolled their children in extracurricular activities for the 2019-2020 school year and inform you that the registration for the Chess activity is now complete.


The “Chess” activity will begin this Friday, October 18th.


Participating parents will receive an e-mail as soon as possible from the activity manager.


For other activities, Taekwondo, tennis and theater, registration is still ongoing on the association’s website, hoping to reach the minimum number of registrations required by the coaches. We will contact you as you go.



Activity Tennis Registration for activity tennis



Activity Taekwondo registration for activity taekwondo


Activity theater  registration for theater activity



Important: To register, you must be connected, it is by measure of security.



Thank you for your cooperation.


                                                                                               جزاكم الله خيرا


The APEJMC committee


Welcome to, the website of the JMC school parents’ association. You’ll find everything you need to help yourself and your family having a successful school year. You will find the latest news on committee activities, useful information and a forum where you can start a discussion with the committee and / or other parents. You can also register as a parent or register your child for volunteering activities.

Message from the President

Assalamo alaikom, Dear Parents,

It is with great pleasure that I accepted the role as President of the Parents Committee, a community that works on your behalf who represents you at JMC.
As you are all aware, the tuition fee increase sparked a discussion amongst parents and the Administration of JMC on Friday, January 25th 2019. Thismeeting was the first of its kind with the new Parents Committee, parents as well as the Administration. This meetinghas allowed us to become aware of the importance of communication, transparency, likewise the relationship between the school and the parents, which is our main objective via the parents committee website. I invite you to send us all your concerns, ideas and suggestions via this website. If you are not registered,I invite you to register on the website to receive all the news and updates of the next meetings that we intend to organize and much more.
During the meeting of January 25th, you have expressed your interest in collaborating with the Parents Committee and the school for the well-being of our children. The meetings of the Parents Committee is the best way to solidify your expectations as well as enable us to make formal proposals to the school’s management for approval.
We are looking forward to your cooperation and encouragement as we work hard as team to represent you the parents at JMC.
Thank you, we look forward to meeting you soon Inchallah.


President of the Executive Committee

About JMC

L’école JMC est une école communautaire privée francophone. Elle a été fondée en 2000. Actuellement, l’école offre ses services à plus de 400 élèves. Les objectifs prioritaires de l’école JMC sont d’abord de fournir une meilleure éducation aux élèves provenant de différents horizons et de les aider à atteindre leurs buts et à s’intégrer avec succès dans la société dans laquelle ils vivent. L’école offre l’inscription pour le pré-scolaire, le primaire et le secondaire (1 à 5 conduisant à l’obtention du diplôme d’études secondaires délivré par le MELS)


The association represents the students’ parents with the administration. The mission of the
committee is to work to improve the learning environment, in its various aspects,

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